Post 4 Moving forward

To continue, the following picures are done mainly in the past year and are watercolour studies. Much of the progress, such as it is, is down to the art class I attend. Early in my journey I read that it was important to find an art teacher whose work resonated with you and then learn from them and if possible have them as an art mentor and supporter. I feel I have achieved this with professional artist Lynne  Shaw whom I now regard as teacher, mentor and friend. I am constantly being encouraged to try new techniques and even if I don’t like the result Lynne will always manage to find something positive and complimentary to say about it.

These pictures below are done in inks and using both brush and stick to apply!



Post 3

Moving on to third entry (or post in WordPress jargon) I am uploading some more acrylics in slightly different styles as well as a couple more animals similar to the last post. I will then upload a few more recent watercolours and ink studies and hopefully after that I will only upload work that is recently completed. I hope this is an easier way to view them and you love the pictures. I haven’t worked out how to put in captions yet but hope they are self explanatory!!

Post 2 

To continue on my journey..

In my previous post I displayed some of the watercolours I did 2-3 years ago when I took up painting again after working both as a mother and in the NHS for many years

They are my take on various animal motifs and 3 now sit in my grandchildren’s bedrooms and the last one is the most recent which a friend has in her lounge! I really enjoy doing them and will soon be deciding on my next animal. They are mainly acrylic with mixed media and a bit of imagination!

Post 1 

What to write when starting a blog? My reason for startng this blog is to share some of my art, I decided a few years ago to take up art again which I had not done for many years and am now at the stage of wanting to  get it out there and would find very useful to get impartial comments and helpful criticism. 

I started by using watercolours, thinking, like most people that this would be the easiest way to reconnect with my creative side such as it is. How wrong is that thinking process?. I now work in watercolour, acrylics, inks and pencils and find watercolour the most difficult and often most frustrating as my creativity feels as though it disappears as I get caught up in the process of trying to get the pigments and water to work as I would expect!! 

These are some of my earlier efforts in watercolour.

An amateur artists progress.